14 October 2008

The Multitasking Merry-go-round

It is fun when it first starts spinning, the world floating by like a cloud. Then the spinning gets faster and faster, objects start to blur, and it by the time you realize it's going too fast, there's no way to safely get off. So you hold on tight to the cold metal, close your eyes, and feel your stomach start to churn...

When will I learn to say "no"?

09 October 2008

Still Waiting...

It is easy to get frustrated when we think about the amount of time it is taking, but then I think about my daughter. She is somewhere in Texas, going to school every day, wondering if someone will choose her to be a part of her family.
“Hang in there, Princess, we’re doing everything we can. And your grandmother is already making your Christmas stocking, just in case.”