14 May 2010

Butter Dish

Growing up, we had a small crock with a lid that was near the toaster, so there was always soft butter for toast. Not being much of a toast person, I primarily use butter for cooking. So for the past years, I've always had a stick of butter on the counter near the stove. It's not exactly house beautiful, but I was waiting for just the right dish.

One day, a friend told me about this cute milk maid butter dish from Anthropologie. I looked it up and was daydreaming about the yellow one. Then I snapped back to reality where no-way, no-how is a crinoline-wearing milk maid going to sit on a counter in the same room where my manly man eats supper. So I continued looking at the search results and found this.

(Can someone hook a sister up with how to make a pretty link or add the link to the photo?)

Can I just tell you how wonderful this butter dish is? We have cobalt Fiestaware, but our kitchen is red, so it incorporates both. And if I ever get a green kitchen, I'll be set.

So it's sitting on the counter, my manly man, who does appreciate coordinated design elements, looks over and says. "That's a nice butter dish. Good purchase."

My heart soared, my face beamed, and I replied, "Thank you. How about steak for dinner?"