17 January 2012

Everything But the Boombox

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with a colleague about our recent move and the tremendous thinning of stuff that took place beforehand. He talked about how he had been feeling the need to get rid of excess junk in his life lately.
Today, he came by my office to tell me he shredded eighteen bags of paper over the weekend. Then he went through his electronics and kept only his boombox. It was sentimental, and the radio can be used in case of hurricanes.
How exciting to see others breaking free from the stuff that so easily entangles us! Guess I'll be going through my bookcase this week, and maybe picking up some D cell batteries.

13 January 2012

The Johnny Mop

This will revolutionize the cleaning of the porcelain throne.

Spray every surface with cleaner including handle and base and let dwell at least one minute. Wipe down top to bottom with a tube cloth or an old kitchen towel with short ends sewn together to create a tube.

Use the Johnny Mop to push the water out of the bowl. This allows the cleaner to remain concentrated and be more effective.

Pour an ounce or so of Safety Foam on the Johnny Mop and swipe all around and under the edges. Let sit five minutes. Spray sinks, clean mirrors, and wipe sinks while you are waiting. Swipe once more and flush, swishing while the water circles. Push cover over fluffy part and squeeze excess water out. Store upright and admire your work.

A sparkling clean bathroom in less than fifteen minutes. If you need inspiration, or are just a compulsive cleaner, you'll love this video.

Strawberry S'mores

Tonight, I was berry inspired. It's been cold weather, and it's about time for a trip to HEB. As I stood in front of the nearly empty snack cabinet, I decided to freshen up a time-tested recipe. Isn't the current fad to gourmandize common foods?

Here's what you need: Strawberry Marshmallows, Ghirardelli Strawberry Chocolate bar, Ricanela graham crackers

Break a graham cracker in half and cover with chocolate square and marshmallow.

Microwave 10 seconds at 50% power (I did it for 20 because my microwave lacks in the power department).

Gasp in dismay that some of the luscious strawberry puree has gushed out. Put the other graham cracker on top and decide another must be made to get it right.

Nuke just the marshmallow and graham cracker this time. Open the door and say, "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna diiiiieeeee!", and then add the chocolate and other graham cracker. Give to your daughter and wait for her reaction. When she says it's good, make her stop mid-bite so you can take a picture. Bribe her by mentioning that her crackle nails will be online.

Strawberry S'mores...pink, fluffy, chocolatey, crunchy, and berry sweet.