13 January 2012

The Johnny Mop

This will revolutionize the cleaning of the porcelain throne.

Spray every surface with cleaner including handle and base and let dwell at least one minute. Wipe down top to bottom with a tube cloth or an old kitchen towel with short ends sewn together to create a tube.

Use the Johnny Mop to push the water out of the bowl. This allows the cleaner to remain concentrated and be more effective.

Pour an ounce or so of Safety Foam on the Johnny Mop and swipe all around and under the edges. Let sit five minutes. Spray sinks, clean mirrors, and wipe sinks while you are waiting. Swipe once more and flush, swishing while the water circles. Push cover over fluffy part and squeeze excess water out. Store upright and admire your work.

A sparkling clean bathroom in less than fifteen minutes. If you need inspiration, or are just a compulsive cleaner, you'll love this video.