05 May 2011

My First Mile

In training for my first triathlon, and to ensure that I don't drown on event day, I have been swimming. This week, I completed my first mile. It is very relaxing when I don't have someone splashing in the lane next to me. I can imagine I am graceful and elegant and that the beautiful strokes are lenghtening and strengthening my body.

I try not to look in a full length mirror soon after, because the image doesn't match what's in my head. I remember how I used to look, and that's how I see myself.

On a positive note, swimming has helped give me the upper hand in the Battle of the Batwing. When my hand stops waving, my upper arm does not continue to. I'd like to keep it that way.

Not Every One is a Winner

My H-E-B carries essie. Crazy! I picked a color and couldn't wait to try it on.

Smooth Sailing

It has been a rough week, so the name just took me away. Sailing, takes me away....
Long story short, my toenail looked like I dropped a hammer on it. I will be returning it in exchange for one of the orange shades. Maybe Braziliant.
or Meet Me at Sunset.

Pioneer Woman

Yesterday, I was checking in for my daily dose of Ree, and I saw that she was coming to Houston. My darling husband recently commented that I almost made it 24 hours without mentioning her. Guilty as charged. Maybe.

Anyway...I googled to see where she would be, and I got a hit for Barnes & Noble. I called the store, and they gave me info that conflicted with what she posted. I doubt she would forget her schedule, so I emailed her to find out where she'd be. (And I included caps in the title so maybe she'd see me amontg the throngs of incoming messages with my hand raised waving and shouting, "Pick me!") Boy was I surprised when my email chime went off less than five minutes later.

Ree. emailed. me. back.

I let out an internal squeal, as the men in my office would not appreciate the significance of this event. I know she's a real person, but she's got a bazillion followers, and she has no way of knowing I've been checking in every day for a year and a half and read every post from the archives. But I identify with her personality, and I like her work as an author. Oh, and her recipes are amazing. Even the great skeptic, the love of my life, read some of her work and commented on what a great writer she is. Psshaw, of course, I have great taste. :)

So she told me she is going to be at the Blue Willow Bookshop. West Side! I checked the website and called, only to find out there was a card system in place. So much for my plan of getting in line hours ahead of time. If you buy a book from them, you get a priority card, and I'm in the fourth group. So at least 100 people are in line ahead of me. Silver lining: I can save my half vacation day to spend with the hubby.