05 May 2011

Pioneer Woman

Yesterday, I was checking in for my daily dose of Ree, and I saw that she was coming to Houston. My darling husband recently commented that I almost made it 24 hours without mentioning her. Guilty as charged. Maybe.

Anyway...I googled to see where she would be, and I got a hit for Barnes & Noble. I called the store, and they gave me info that conflicted with what she posted. I doubt she would forget her schedule, so I emailed her to find out where she'd be. (And I included caps in the title so maybe she'd see me amontg the throngs of incoming messages with my hand raised waving and shouting, "Pick me!") Boy was I surprised when my email chime went off less than five minutes later.

Ree. emailed. me. back.

I let out an internal squeal, as the men in my office would not appreciate the significance of this event. I know she's a real person, but she's got a bazillion followers, and she has no way of knowing I've been checking in every day for a year and a half and read every post from the archives. But I identify with her personality, and I like her work as an author. Oh, and her recipes are amazing. Even the great skeptic, the love of my life, read some of her work and commented on what a great writer she is. Psshaw, of course, I have great taste. :)

So she told me she is going to be at the Blue Willow Bookshop. West Side! I checked the website and called, only to find out there was a card system in place. So much for my plan of getting in line hours ahead of time. If you buy a book from them, you get a priority card, and I'm in the fourth group. So at least 100 people are in line ahead of me. Silver lining: I can save my half vacation day to spend with the hubby.