17 January 2012

Everything But the Boombox

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with a colleague about our recent move and the tremendous thinning of stuff that took place beforehand. He talked about how he had been feeling the need to get rid of excess junk in his life lately.
Today, he came by my office to tell me he shredded eighteen bags of paper over the weekend. Then he went through his electronics and kept only his boombox. It was sentimental, and the radio can be used in case of hurricanes.
How exciting to see others breaking free from the stuff that so easily entangles us! Guess I'll be going through my bookcase this week, and maybe picking up some D cell batteries.


Megan said...

Less is definitely more. The more you have, the more time you have to spend maintaining your stuff and space. I love my small easy to maintain house and simple furniture. Life is too short to spend on stuff......