29 January 2006

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Looking back on the past, I see God's hand of protection. One should be cautious about those individuals acting as mentors. Sad about a perceived missed opportunity, I was ready to sign up for this year's event. The price seemed higher than I would have thought, so I googled the name and was shocked at what I found. I do not care to financially support someone who has injured the soul of a child. Yes, God forgives, and we should, too. However, true repentance must be offered in order to receive that forgiveness.
How much is talent worth? A teacher would have been locked away, but famous personalities throw lots of money at the problem and have it swept under the rug. I will save my c-note and spend it where it will produce good fruit that preserves the culture and the dance with no child casualties along the way.


'Ailina said...

There was a lot of scoffing and sniffing at MM, too. Convenient forgetfulness. But not everyone refuses to remember.