12 September 2012


Lately, I have been cooking more hearty, autumnal fare, using my Le Creuset and Lodge Logic pots. Inevitably, my thoughts went to the Le Creuset Pumpkin casserole that I talk myself out of each year.

It is not practical for me to have a dish that I only use a few months out of the year. Because, let's face it, I know me, and there is no way I would cook with that bad boy in, say, February. So I started thinking about last year, remembering this post from Three Many Cooks. And I realized that using real pumpkins will be even more fun, and I won't have to get rid of anything to make room. Real food for the win!


Megan said...

That is a hard dish to talk oneself out of buying :)

The Wife said...

That pot is SO cute! Le Creuset is out of my price range (but not out of my wishlist), but I'm glad to hear you use Lodge! I'm Cast Iron obsessed, and Lodge is my favorite cast iron company.

Kim said...

I admit I love that casserole dish, too! But you are right, I would only use it about three months a year...sigh!