22 January 2010

Two Different Worlds

Growing up, I was educated in proper grammar, elocution, good manners, and the like. Apparently, I even coerced my college buddies into using perfect manners and required them to use different forks for each course. People thought I was a snob, but surely I wasn't...I just didn't approve of anything I considered to be low class or coarse.
And then I met my husband and knew that life would never be the same without him. We were engaged, and as we prepared to spend Thanksgiving with his family, he left me with the following gem...
"You know how your family uses china at Thanksgiving? Well, we use Chinet." I politely laughed, and then saw his face and understood that this was not a joke. And my world shifted. And ever since, I have been trying to reconcile the proper Southern belle with the fun-loving country girl. And I've decided I prefer a healthy dose of both.


nancypants said...

Love this post.