27 October 2011

Salmon Success

Dinner tonight was salmon, broccoli, brown rice, and baked pears with raspberry preserves. And I enjoyed it.

All my childhood, I hated fish. The smell of seafood made me nauseous. But my tastebuds have been changing, so I figured I'd give salmon another chance. I bought a big ol' slab of wild Alaskan salmon and let it thaw in the fridge.

Then I wimpered, because I've always been scared of cooking fish. I can whip up a full South American meal like nobody's business, but put a little sea creature in the pan, and I'm calling for takeout.

But I recently saw this video by the great Pam Anderson and felt brave. I put foil down for easy cleanup, laid the fish skin side down, sprinkled sea salt, and ground some fresh pepper. And then I panicked and forgot the temperature and how long to bake, and all I can remember is Sharon putting the pan in the oven saying, "Even I can get behind that."

I think it was fifteen minutes, but salmon is thicker, so should it cook longer?

I started at 450 and then remembered that is for roasting root vegetables, so I knocked it back down to 400. At fifteen minutes, the thickest part didn't look quite finished, so I let it go five minutes more, all the while trying to find the link. I should have pinned it.

I ended up cooking the fish twenty minutes. After squeezing a lemon wedge, a took a tentative bite and was pleasantly suprised. It was good. And my husband loved it. Score!

After dinner, I searched around for the video and finally found it. Yay! So I posted the link just in case I forget again, and then I have it in print.