04 October 2011

Climbed Off the Wagon

After weeks of healthy eating, Sunday evening, I embarked on a 24 hour period of gastronomic hedonism. Not that I went all out... But I had a Zero sandwich, chips, and Dr. Pepper for lunch. And pizza for dinner. And froyo after our run.

The bread was fresh-baked with a chewy, perfect crust. The chips tasted like powdered cheese covered shortening blobs. The Dr. Pepper was amazing.

After two slices of pizza, some cheese sticks, and an hour of American Pickers, we went for a jog. My body felt the difference in fuel. I ended up walking the last half because my energy tanked.

The salad, quinoa, and lean meat I had for lunch today tasted delicious, and I could feel it fueling my body with goodness. Saddle up, we're gettin' back on the wagon.